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Hand painted color boards

Showcase your new colors every season in a professional manner by means of hand-painted color boards. Convince your customers by showing them how beautiful your color gel, nail polish or gel polish is in real life. Machine printed color boards will never come close to the real thing.

Show the original color

Color decks are available in various shapes and sizes.
From Color Pops to 48-color boards.
Delivery times are negotiable and there is no MOQ!

Products we process:

  • color gel
  • gel polish
  • nail polish
  • nail paint

We have the answer to all your requests from start to finish.

How it works

  1. Determine how many colors you want to showcase
  2. Tell us your deadline
  3. Choose your color board
  4. Design the label sticker or let us do it for you
  5. Send the Gels or Nail Polish to Interfilling
  6. We produce the Color boards and send them to a destination of your choosing

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KRP's Cherry Hill, Gibbstown and EU facilities house multiple automatic filling lines that allow us to offer a complete menu of turnkey packages at a competitive advantage, showcasing the ability to fill various sized bottles and jars with ease and speed.