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Quality control

Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences in-house Quality Control (QC) laboratory contains many state-of-the-art analytical instruments. These instruments are used to ensure batch-to-batch consistency across all Keystone products. Each product lot is tested against a standard to ensure all properties are within specification before it is shipped to the customer.

We assure your quality

Particle size analysis

Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences is equipped with instruments designed for visible microscopy, sieve analyzed particle size analysis and light scattering particle size analysis to meet our customer’s strict requirements. A Beckman Coulter LS13 300 enhances our ability to meet a tight particle size range by measuring beaded material either in a wet dispersion or a dry blend.


Multiple UV-Vis Spectrophotometers are installed in the Keystone Cosmetics quality system to ensure accurate and consistent color matches from batch to batch. The QC laboratory also employs several chemists with years of color matching experience. This expertise enables rapid adjustment and matching of all of your custom color needs.

Chemical analysis

Keystone Cosmetics QC staff uses several advanced techniques, such as HPLC, Infrared spectrophotometry, GC/FID and GC/MS, to ensure the exact chemical composition of our products. These instruments are also important in product formulation and production troubleshooting.

Thickness / viscosity

Brookfield­type Viscometers and general-purpose Rheometers are used to ensure the consistent thickness and flow properties of formulated air­-dry and UV gel coatings.
Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences also has the ability to test key properties required for a variety of coating applications. Gloss, percent solids, film thickness and pH are just a few of the typical tests used to target properties of our product lines.
If customer quality requirements expand beyond the scope of Keystone Cosmetics capabilities, Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences has relationships with several top­notch contract analytical laboratories with quick­-turnaround times for nonstandard testing.