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UV/LED Gels are a versatile alternative to the traditional liquid/powder systems. These materials offer the benefit of reduced odor, quick application and natural appearing enhancements. Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences offers a full line of UV/LED, traditional, soak off and gel polish gels including base, builder, top gel and highly pigmented color gels for all nail art needs.

Gels come in many variations from low viscosity for base gels and top gels to high viscosity to sculpt long artificial nails.

There can be many differences between UV and LED gels but the big difference is in the photoinitiator. Keystone Cosmetics offers professional gel lines in UV curing, LED curing as well as the advantage of certain gels in both.


Hard gel

  • can be removed only by filing
  • can be used for longer nail enhancement
  • lastst longer without chipping
  • can be used for sculpting elaborate nail art
  • apllies in thin layers or one thick building layer
  • takes longer to cure

Soft gel

  • more flexible
  • removable by soaking
  • applies in multiple layers
  • can cure faster in LED light

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Products we offer

Base Gels
These gels are developed to put a base between the natural nail and the artificial nail to promote adhesion and to smooth the nail plate.

Builder / Sculpting Gels
Builder Gels offer simple to subtile sculpting capabilities. The self-leveling gels are easy to apply and can be used by technicians of all levels. The more viscose gel can create long, strong nails for more advanced technicians.

Top Gels
Top Gels are the perfect finish for every artificial nail or overlay, they come in various viscosities and you can choose from no tack to traditional top gels. Depending on the product they can be filled in a jar or in a bottle.

White Gels
White Gels are developed for the perfect french manicure and come in many variaties, from subtle white to a snow white and in many different viscosities.

Cover Gels
Cover Gels were designed to create the perfect natural looking nails with gel. All cover colors closely match the color of the nail bed. This gel can be used to extend the nail bed or hide imperfections and is available in many colors.

Supreme Gels
Supreme Gels provides one coat coverage with a beautiful shiny and no-tack finish. Can be used over traditional or soak off builder gels and acrylics. Available in many colors, glitters, shimmer and special effects.



Product overview

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