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GelPolish™ is a true UV and LED cured Gelpolish system that utilizes both patented and patent-pending technology. This thin, self-leveling gel polish has excellent adhesion, low odor and cures quickly. The extended wear benefits can be seen on both natural nail manicures and artificial enhancements.
(14+ days wear to traditional Gelpolish systems)

Gel Polish Base and Top Gels

Several base and high shine top gels are available to allow you to customize wear and soak-ability of your traditional three step system.

Gel Polish Color

Our stock system is available in over 300 vibrant stock colors.
Custom  colors are also available with a minimum purchase per shade.

One-phase and Xpress Gelpolish

Fewer step systems are ideal for faster application and in /out services.
One step systems targeting ideal the retail market and are available in several varieties.

Specialty formulations

In addition to our stock and traditional systems, Keystone Cosmetics offers specialty formulations unique to your brand.   Formulations can be customized and sold to you exclusively for your specific brand needs.

Our innovative products

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