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KRP offers a line of air-dry nail coatings, turnkey and various components for use in the fingernail industry. Our materials include base coats, top coats, nail strengtheners, and shaded enamel for both artificial and natural nails.

Artificial nails

Base Coats

Excellent adhesion and subsequent layer bondability. Base coats allow for a smooth foundation and excellent bonding capabilities to be achieved.
• prevent pigment migration
• extend the life of shaded nail lacquer
• fills ridges to provide a smooth foundation for subsequent layers

Top Coats

Protect the life of your nails with a gloss enhancing top coat. These top coats lend an added benefit of durability and high shine.
• provide a gloss enhancing finish to any manicure
• extend the life of your manicure
• add a durable layer to your lacquer to protect your manicure

Natural nails

Our line of coatings is not only reserved for creating artificial nails, several coatings are also suitable for natural nails. These nail friendly coatings are designed to use on natural nails without damaging them. These include base coats, strengtheners, matt top coats and all in one coatings.

Product overview

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