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Acrylic Systems

All polymers and monomers of Keystone Cosmetics are manufactured using high purity raw materials. Our systems are designed for all performance levels and offer the best control for novice to expert technicians.


Our monomers and formulations are optimized to work with our polymer systems. Several monomers are available in a variety of blue and purple tints.


Formulated by expert polymer chemists, our bubble-free polymers offer extraordinary clarity unmatched by any other products in the market.
Our powders are available in a wide range of settings for optimal control in warm or cold climates.

Colored Polymer

Our highly-pigmented polymers are available in over 180 rich colors.
These polymers are strong, durable and provide long-lasting color for various color application needs.

Dip System Polymer

These unique polymers are specifically designed for optimal wet out and clarity when used with cyanoacrylate based systems.

Product overview

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