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About Keystone

Since 1908, Keystone Industries has maintained a reputation for producing innovative, high-tech products.
We constantly strive to provide you with the finest quality materials. Our products are developed to meet and exceed customer requirements.
Dedication to Total Customer Satisfaction.

Get to know us

For over 30 years, Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences has been manufacturing and supplying quality products to the Fingernail industry.  We have put those years of experience into every product.  Keystone Cosmetics manufactures  at our 250,000 square foot pharmaceutical facility in Gibbstown, New Jersey and our facilities in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Quality Products

When Keystone Cosmetics says “Made in the USA,” we say it with the pride that comes with knowing that Keystone Cosmetics has delivered more than 30 years of know-how to its customers.

Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences ensures total customer satisfaction by maintaining FDA licensing, ISO 9000 and 13485 (medical device) certifications, and international product registrations.  We hold and continue to pursue patent protection for our innovative products in the United States and throughout the world.  Our project management, research and development teams are constantly exploring cutting-edge product developments to offer superior products.

Premium Customer Service

Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences is structured to ensure that our products are easily available and delivered with top-level service to support our customer’s needs. A network of dedicated sales managers and customer service specialists are deployed throughout the United States and Europe. Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences maintains warehousing in the Netherlands to further guarantee that our global customers can receive prompt and efficient delivery of our products. Customers are offered many unique and profitable private label opportunities.  For those customers looking for a reliable manufacturing partner to maximize the power of their own product branding, Keystone Cosmetics is the perfect fit.

Keystone Cosmetics’ business structure is in place to achieve our primary objective: total customer satisfaction, from the quality of the product to the attentive servicing of our customer’s needs.

Our patented Gelpolish formulation is marketleader worldwide. (# 5,965,147 - 8,367,045)

Embracing the Future

The long and rich history embedded in the Keystone name is a prelude of things to come.  As a worldwide company, there has always been one eye on the future.  Through a three-pronged approach, Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences is positioned to continue delivering total customer satisfaction in the ever-changing Fingernail world.

Innovation.  Keystone Cosmetics’ in-house project management and research and development teams have decades of product development experience to drive the company forward.  Keystone Cosmetics always has several active projects in the works to offer something special to the marketplace.

Improvement.  Keystone Cosmetics & Sciences constantly looks for ways to improve or enhance its existing offerings.  As technology and treatment methods evolve, so must Keystone Cosmetics progress and adapt to a new  marketplace.